Is It Time To Visit A Brake Repair Shop?

Posted on: 13 August 2019


The braking system on your vehicle is one of its most important safety features. It will have trouble from time to time, and it's best to be able to quickly detect when your ride needs to go to a brake repair shop like Heritage Auto Pro. If you're worried that your car needs brake service, here are four common signs of trouble to watch out for.

Decreased Fuel Economy

While most vehicles will see decreases in fuel economy over their lifetimes, sudden drops may be a sign that the brakes are having trouble. If a caliper is slightly stuck, for example, it may create a little bit of drag and ultimately cause the car to fight against the brakes for fuel efficiency. Notably, any number of brake issues can decrease fuel economy, including a stuck parking brake, a failing master cylinder, and too much pressure in the lines. This process of elimination often requires professional attention to sort out.

The Brake Pedal Feels Soft

If the brake pedal feels like it's not putting up enough resistance, a line might be blown. Especially if it seems like the pedal is quickly going the whole way to the floor, this could be major trouble. While some skilled drivers will have no trouble using their vehicles' transmission systems to control the vehicle in this condition, it's advised for most motorists to get their vehicles towed or hauled to a brake repair shop rather than risking an accident.

There's Fluid on the Ground

Although numerous fluids can come out of a car, it's fairly easy to check whether it might be coming from the brake lines. If you have a second person around to help, you can have them activate the brake while the vehicle is parked. You will then be looking for signs of fluid hitting the ground. Be aware that sometimes the brake fluid will hit parts of the car, so you should also look for squirting fluid on the inside of the wheel hub and along the suspension.

Visual Inspection

Worn out disc brakes are fairly easy to spot when they have trouble. You should be able to look through the rim of the wheel and see the disc. The disc should be fairly smooth. If the disc looks like a groove has formed in it, then it's time for a replacement. Check for the presence of excessive black powder from the brake pads, too